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Lesbian Massage

Brunette masseuse lets her customer get naked in front of her.After that,she lets her lay down on the massage table and she starts massaging her body.Suddenly,she felts horny and they start kissing each other and lick their wet pussies.

lesbian massage


Samantha Kirn is a professional masseuse turned erotica writer. Using her years of clinical expertise and extensive knowledge of human anatomy, Samantha crafts steamy, sensual erotica that uses all 5 senses to transport you to scenes of decadent oil filled erotic massages in luxurious spas around the world. All of her stories contain 100% accurate massage techniques that readers are encouraged to try with their partners.

My first ever commsion/coop story.Lewd story. Marge and Lisa find themselves alone at home and the mother suggests a spa day for the two. Lisa accepts but when they find themselves in a reciprocal massage, things start turning weirder and Lisa has one extra request for her mother... Contents: yuri, incest.This story was written for user kopsman124. 041b061a72


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