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Ninja Masters 2013 Full Movie Fr

Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō, (ニンジャマスターズ 覇王忍法帖, Ninja Master's Scrolls of the Supreme Ninja Arts), is a ninja-themed 2D fighting game produced by ADK and originally released in 1996 for the Neo Geo arcade and home platform.[1][2] Ninja Master's was the sixth and final fighting game produced by ADK, following the four games in the World Heroes series and Aggressors of Dark Kombat. It was later featured in the 2008 compilation ADK Damashii for the PlayStation 2. Ninja Master's was also re-released on the Neo-Geo X handheld system in 2012,[3] and for the Virtual Console in 2013.[4] In 2019 it was released as part of Arcade Archives developed by japanese company Hamster. As of 2021, Ninja Master's was released worldwide[5] on Nintendo Switch[6][7] and Xbox One.[8][9] The PS4 version remains exclusive to Asia[10][11] but includes both Japanese and English releases.

Ninja Masters 2013 Full Movie Fr


Master Splinter is the teacher and adoptive half-father of the Ninja Turtles. He has trained the Turtles in the art of Ninjutsu, but they are not ninja masters yet. Splinter is mature, serious, and defensive. He engages with various ninja weapons and fights with many ninja skills. Any villain wishing to harm his sons will have to go through him first.

MutantSplinterBiographical informationHomeTokyo (formerly)New York City (formerly)Spirit Plane (currently)AliasesHamato Yoshi (full real name)NicknamesMaster (by the Turtles)Rat (by The Shredder)Brother (by the Rat King)Rat Man (by Super Shredder)Date of birthc. late 1960s-early 1970sDate of deathc. 2013AbilitiesNinjutsu masteryUniversal vibration sensitivityEnhanced sensesWeapon of choiceWalking StaffShurikenKatanaSmoke BombsShikomizueWhipKunaiHands and FeetTeethTailOccupationNinja masterHamato Clan leader (former)AffiliationNinja TurtlesHamato ClanPhysical descriptionSpeciesHuman (former)Mutant Rat (former)Spirit (current)GenderMaleEthnicityJapaneseEye colorBlack (as human)Brown (as mutant)Red (under Rat King's control)Hair colorBlack (as human)Brown with Black and White markings (as mutant)Out of universe informationEra(s)2012 TV series, New Animated AdventuresFirst appearanceRise of the Turtles, Part 1DeathRequiemVoiced byHoon LeeTeachers and StudentsTeacher(s)Hamato YuutaStudent(s)LeonardoRaphaelDonatelloMichelangeloApril O'NeilKaraiCasey Jones

April O'Neil - A teenage girl who met Splinter and the Turtles after being kidnapped by The Kraang. Since he lost his true daughter many years ago, he has comes to view April as his surrogate daughter, and he even supplied her with the weapon that he once intended to give to Miwa. April respects Splinter as well and saw him as a father-figure after her own father was kidnapped by the Kraang. As of "Return to New York", Splinter considers April to be part of his family and she helped him regain his reason. He continued her training until she became a full fledge ninja as she thanked him for the great honor. When Splinter was killed, April broke down in tears at the death of her fallen master. 350c69d7ab




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