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Watch The 100 S03E07 1

What did you think of "Thirteen"? Who will be the next Commander? What will become of the Grounders and the Sky People now that Lexa is gone? Chime in by commenting below and watch The 100 online here at TV Fanatic in case you missed anything!

Watch The 100 S03E07 1


From their space station, Polaris, they watch in horror as the missiles approach their destinations. McAdams manages to contact his wife and daughter, but the signal is lost. The missiles from China make contact, and the United States fires back. The nukes drop on almost every major city, and the Earth is left simmering in radiation.

Anna approaches a science officer named Kolvoord on the observation deck of the UNN Thomas Prince and inquires about his opinion on the nature of the protomolecule-based ring. He is concerned that they have been unable to detect anything emanating through the ring in the last six months he's been watching closely. He is astonished with Anna's line of questions especially in light of her religious background. He is wary that the technology the ring represents is from an extremely intelligent life form and hopes it is inert.

The Popcast determined that the change was most likely due to (1) advertising scheduling concerns, (2) Disney's desire for the Fox channel to focus on sports and news, and (3) the show's very large streaming audience, most of whom watched through Hulu.[93]

As of September 26, 2022, the third season of The Orville has a 100% fresh rating from critics with 13 reviews. Alex Maidy of JoBlo's Movie Network stated that "The Orville: New Horizons marks a reset for the inconsistent first two seasons of this show and deserves to be on your watchlist more than ever," while Albert Carlos of Espinof felt that "Beyond feeling a little disappointed with the last act of the season, the journey is all that matters." For audience ratings, the season has a score of 81% fresh with 690 ratings.[109] The episode "Domino" holds a user score of 9.3 at IMDb, the highest for any of the series, and eclipsing "Identity, Pt. 1" and "Identity, Pt. 2."[110]

For my own self, as someone who co-founded it, I recently stepped back a bit because ... I was in my practicum years, so things have been very busy, and it was really hard to step back, but watching how other members were able [00:24:00] to step in and take on more and grow, and our team is doing really well, so letting other people step in at times is also something that I would encourage, and to know that other people can and likely will step in. 041b061a72




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