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The Sims 3: University Life

University Life's theme is college, very similar to that in The Sims 2: University, thus giving the Sims a "college experience" while at university. It has brought many returning features from The Sims 2's expansion packs, as well as introduced new features for The Sims 3. The pack and its world are Seasons-compatible.

The Sims 3: University Life

Sims University is a new sub-neighborhood (similar to the sub-neighborhoods in World Adventures) and its university buildings are New England-inspired with some European influences. Its animal mascot is a llama.

Enrolling in university can be done at any time via the phone or the computer. Players will be able to choose their Sims' major and how many credits to take, which affects the length of time the Sims will spend at university before completing a degree. The Sims may only study one major at a time, but they can enroll in university after completing one major in order to study another. They can also customize the duration of the Sims' term in university, 1 week being the minimum and 2 weeks the maximum.[4]

When a Sim gets in the university, the Work tab on the UI is replaced with the Academics tab. It keeps records of his/her schedule and responsibilities. The schedule will depend on the Sim's degree and how many credits the Sim has.[5]

During your Sim's university stay, aging will stop in all worlds, though time only stops in the main neighbourhood. Sims cannot marry one another and female Sims cannot get or be pregnant while at University.[4] Married Sims cannot visit each other while one is away at University, but they may talk on the phone.[4] If a parent goes to University, a babysitter will come to their lot and take care of the children.[6] Sims use their family funds to pay for tuition and rent.[7] Sims can also get additional funds at the administration center depending on their academic performance. Sims need to have at minimum 35% of their academic performance in order to apply for aid. They can get from 1,750 up to 5,000 each time they apply for aid. Sims need to wait for another 24 hours to apply for another aid.

Classes start on the first Monday morning.[5] On Mondays and Wednesdays, classes are held on one of the university rabbit-hole buildings. They are seminar-styled, which varies from "Introduction to Dodging Questions" to "Methods and Practices of Tragic Clowns", which are chosen randomly when enrolled. Players are able to choose a variety of tones in these classes, which affects the Sims' academic performances. Some of the tones are: "Socialize" and "Suck Up to the Professor". The Sims can ask a Sim to attend their classes, but by doing so, the professor may notice.[5]

Sims can drop out of university, but this may affect their life in some way.[4] They can be kicked out of a class for cheating, but not out of the university,[4] although they can lose their scholarship.[6]

Graduations happen after Sims complete their major, the times varying based on major and when the Sim began to attend university. The time needed to graduate will depend on how many classes the Sim takes.[7] Sims graduating will don graduation robes and mortar boards. If Sims graduate from university, they will get an extra trait slot and career benefits, depending on major. The grades will affect the advantages, therefore Sims with higher grades will get more bonuses,[5] while Sims with lower grades will never get any benefits.[6]

Graduated Sims who want to meet the Sims from university can call them to have them visit their home town.[4] These Sims from university are called "university friends", which functions similarly to "foreign friends" in World Adventures.

Sorority houses are for female Sims while fraternity houses are for male Sims. These houses are more for the social side of the Sims' university life.[7] Sims living in these houses are likely to be dared to do some actions by other Sims.[6]

Social groups are groups of Sims who usually socialize with one another and have particularly similar interests, skills, and attitudes. Your Sim can gain influence with as many of these groups they desire. These groups still exist outside of the university. To learn a Sim's social group, hover over the Sim with the mouse.

The Jocks like to win anything. They usually hang out at B's Bowlarama in Sims University where they practice bowling. They can also throw parties which are considered the best around the university.

The Rebels like to stand apart from the crowd. They usually hang out at The Grotto, a hangout with a new pool table. They work on their Painting and Street Art skills, as they usually tag walls on the university and drink organic brew from barista bars. They like to add herbs to their drinks and they are known for organizing protests on campus.

Sims can hang out with these groups and gain credibility, which can offer advantages to them, such as lifetime rewards[9] and unlock new social interactions.[7] To check their current status to the groups, there is the "Check Social Groups" interaction on the Sims' smartphones.

New Objects and InteractionsThere are several new objects, most are related to attending University like the podium (rebels can give speeches), whiteboard (allowing practice of Street Art) and the backpack (purely decorative inventory item). There are several new ways for Sims to have fun at the U. There are juice kegs for throwing parties, soccer balls to raise athletic and give sims some recreation, and table tennis which can be used competitively in its expected way or to play Juice Pong. Sims are able to streak, give lectures, and play frisbee with the Flying Disc. Overall the new objects and activities give the campus a nice feel appropriate for its setting.

Let's Play The Sims 3: University Life is Lifesimmer's LP based around University Life expansion pack for The Sims 3. It started on March 5, 2013 with two sims by the names of Leonna Giovinni and Sophia Meller. It ended on June 13, 2013 with 35 episodes.

Leonna and Sophia are an unlikely pair, Leonna being an geeky nerd despite looking like a super model, and Sophia being a popular party animal. But, through the power of friendship they fought against the stereotypes and went to university together. Leona majored in Science and Medicine, while Sophia majored in Communications.

The Sims 3 University Life is a tough one to describe. On one hand, it finally brings the university experience back to the Sims franchise after a very long break, which is a welcome thing, and it does a fair job. On the other hand, it is sadly lacking - there was no real inspiration, nothing game-changing or even overly entertaining.

Sarah Nelson: In conceptualizing our next expansion pack as a team, we felt that is was time for Sims to move into a new chapter of their lives. University made so much sense. We also took in feedback from our community of fans and university was one of the most requested themes they wanted to see.

Gamezone: What sort of customization is offered with University Life? Will I be able to recreate my college campus from the building architecture to the university colors? Maybe even create a mascot? Is there only one university campus to attend or are there multiple universities to choose from?

Sarah Nelson: Sims looking to dabble in more of the social aspects of university may find their fit at a sorority or fraternity. Sims living here will experience more parties. Also, the new dare system in the game relates directly back to fraternity and sorority living.

As the name suggests, University Life adds the ability for Sims, young adult and older, to attend university and potentially earn a degree that will give them a bit of an advantage over less educated Sims. When you first start up your household, a university mascot will bring you a welcome kit. Among other goodies, this kit contains an aptitude test that Sims can complete. It analyses their personality, skills and job experience, and awards credit for appropriate degrees. For instance, an artistic Sim with a high painting skills will receive credits towards a Fine Art degree. They may even earn a scholarship to reduce study fees.

Like a real-life university experience, Sim students can decide to slack off and spend their time socialising, or to hit the books and do well, or they might stay somewhere in-between. Sims have to study, attend lectures and write exams at the end of every term. The harder a Sim works (and the better their mood), the higher their final grade will be, giving them access to better benefits when they graduate. Benefits include starting a career related to their major at a higher salary and a little higher up the corporate ladder.

Seminar-styled classes are held on one of the university rabbit-hole buildings. While in class you can choose the amount of effort to put into it -- Normal Effort, Work Hard, Suck Up, Take it Easy, Socialize, Sleep or Text Friends.

It may sound cliché, but The Sims 3: University Life truly does offer a completely different experience. Apart from the odd holiday, how often are you able to send your Sim off to live a new life? And this is exactly what the University expansion pack provides for your character, a new life.

I was ecstatic to get my Sim off to her campus, but not before I had created her. The first thing that came to my attention with the creation of your family is that Maxis have made this expansion pack heavily young-adult to elder dominant, giving them the largest range of new clothes and accessories. It doesn't come as a surprise to me considering this is the age range that can attend university, though I do feel that Maxis have been slightly lazy in the clothing department. Most of the clothes that you can select from the 'Every day' section, are copied through to the workout gear, so if you like the idea of your Sims wearing the same clothes to bed, an important event, or even to go to the gym in, this would be ideal for you. 041b061a72


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